Health Care Workers in Kakuma Refugee Camp Trained on COVID-19

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  • On 23 April 2020, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Kakuma Sub-Office and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) co-facilitated a COVID-19 training session for Health Care Workers (HCWs) from the IRC.The training covered the topics of (1) Enhanced COVID-19 surveillance and risk communication, (2) Case management, (3) Screening, Triage, Contact tracing and Referral System, (4) Psychosocial support and care for HCWs in COVID-19 pandemic, (5) Infection prevention, donning/doffing of personal protective equipment (PPEs), and (6)Sample collection, packaging and transportation.
    This the second of a series of four training sessions, which was organised jointly by IRC and IOM and was conduct at the IRC Kakuma General Hospital in Kakuma 4. Ms Regina Itwara, the IRC Kakuma General Hospital Matron said, “I appreciate IOM’s contribution to the capacity building training for our staff. I hope we can do more sessions together.”A total number of 15 participants gained new skills and knowledge in this second session. To date, a total number of 36 HCWs have benefitted from the series of trainings. The purpose of these trainings is to improve the capacity of HCWs to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.
    Kakuma refugee camp is located in the North-western region of Kenya in Turkana County and was established in 1992. Kakuma is home to 196,050 registered refugees and asylum-seekers ( UNHCR, Kenya). Mr. Athanus Luta, IRC Clinical Officer and a co-facilitator of the training added, “I appreciate our working relationship with IOM and their assistance to co-facilitate this training with short notice.”
    IRC is a key actor in the Health Sector in Kakuma, with approximately 200 medical personnel, and it runs several medical clinics in Kakuma Refugee Camp under the leadership of UNHCR to support more than 190,000 refugees. IOM is a member of the Health Cluster in Kakuma and committed to working with other agencies to enhance preparedness against the potential threat of COVD-19 in Kakuma.