IOM Conducts Training of Trainers for the Kenya Border Management Secretariat and Border Management Committees

News Mon, 10/22/2018 - 17:24 Share

The IOM Kenya hosted a Training of Trainers (ToTs) for the Kenya Government’s Border Management Secretariat (BMS) and Border Management Committees (BMCs) from 7-10 August, 2018 in Ukunda, Kwale County. The training is part of IOM’s ongoing support to the Kenyan Government’s National Coordination Mechanism (NCM) on Migration, supported under the IGAD, thus ensuring the sustainable transfer of knowledge, sharing of experiences and best practices among senior and frontline border management officials for a “whole-of-Government approach” to implementation.
This particular training received funding from the Government of Japan, the EU Emergency Trust Fund for stability and addressing root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa (EUTF) by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Technical support also included the participation of the IOM Africa Capacity Building Centre (ACBC), which is based in Tanzania. The trained officers are expected to serve as knowledge reserves and institutional think-tanks on border management issues in Kenya, so that their respective institutions across government and other stakeholders can benefit from their expertise and newly acquired knowledge, thus resulting in better coordinated border management within the region and less reliance on external expertise.
The training was attended by 23 Government of Kenya Officials (16 male and 7 female) from the BMS Nairobi and BMC members from the coastal region, including government agencies, such as the Kenya Airport Authority, Kenya Port Authority, Port Health, Kenya Revenue Authority, National Police Services, Department of Immigration Services and Department of Children Services. The training covered, among other topics, the principles of adult learning and learning styles relevant to Migration, designing a curriculum and formulating the aim and objectives, current teaching methods as applicable to Migration, introduction to Mixed Migration, border management systems, exit and entry control procedures, counter human trafficking and related legislation.
Kennedy Nyaiyo, Director of Boarder Management Secretariat, cited that “the Government of Kenya is keen to ensure that there is effective and coordinated boarder management in Kenya. My office will support the Border Migration Committees in all their activities as they execute their mandate, thus ensuring that key objectives are met”.  He also commended IOM for the technical support and technical equipment provided to the BMS over the year. To achieve a holistic approach to Coordinated Border Management in Kenya, IOM will continue to cascade trainings that target the needs and expectations of the Border Migration Committees in different points of entry and exit, as well as involve community members in the border region through community engagements.
In all, it will also support and catalyze cross-border initiatives and cooperation in the region between Kenya and its neighbors.  This component was implemented by IOM under the Better Migration Management (BMM) programme funded by Germany and the EU, which is also active in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda. BMM is implemented through a partnership of European and international organizations (British Council, CIVIPOL, Expertise France, GIZ, and Italian Department of Public Security, UNODC and IOM) in four components: Policy and harmonization, capacity building, protection and awareness raising. To-date, Kenya has substantially benefited from BMM, as well as funding from the Government of Japan channeled through IOM that has also supported border management programmes too.