IOM MHAC resumes health operations

News Wed, 06/03/2020 - 13:44 Share

IOM MHAC has resumed health operations in the health facility.
For your safety and that of other applicants accessing the clinic and staff, arrangements have been made to comply with the Government’s directives and infection and prevention control measures.
1.The applicant will be required to come to IOM wearing their own face mask as per the Government’s directives.
2.If an applicant has been in direct contact with a Covid-19 case, clearance from the public health authority is required.
3.If an applicant is experiencing any symptoms related to the case definition of Covid-19, he/she must first contact his/her personal physician for  testing and management. before proceeding to schedule the IOM health assessment appointment.
4.Entry screening with temperature checks, questionnaire and hand hygiene will be done before admission into the IOM compound.
5.If the applicant has any symptoms related to the case definition of Covid-19 upon screening, he/she will be requested to contact their personal physician or public health authority and the health assessment will not proceed.
6.The appointment time must be strictly adhered to in order to implement the recommended social distancing rules. No applicant will be admitted into the IOM compound or allowed around the environs before the appointed time.
7.Accompanying escort will not be allowed access into the clinic unless the applicant is a minor (below 15 yrs), or over 70 years old.
8. In the event that the medical expires before travel due to the uncertainty of resumption of travel to certain countries, please note that the applicant may be required to repeat the screening  with IOM at their own cost.
The mode of payment is Mpesa Paybill only and the invoice together with MPESA payment details will be issued at the clinic.