IOM Promotes Sustainable Socio-Economic Inclusion of Vulnerable Community Members in Garissa County

News Mon, 11/20/2017 - 15:12 Share

The beneficiaries included nine from Nanighi, five from Abakaile and two from Dertu wards, as well as one from Garissa Township. | Photo by IOM Kenya

As part of its efforts to promote sustainable the economic and social inclusion of vulnerable community members in Garissa County, IOM in partnership with the Government of Kenya, and funded by the Government of Japan, carried out a four-day re-stocking exercise which included purchase, deworming and distribution of goats in Garissa County.
Between 9 and 12 October, IOM in partnership with the Department of Veterinary Services distributed a total 510 goats, meaning 30 goats each to 17 beneficiaries who were selected by the Project Technical Consultative Board (TCB) after being vetted based on set criteria by the TCB and IOM.
The beneficiaries included nine from Nanighi, five from Abakaile and two from Dertu wards, as well as one from Garissa Township. The exercise was spearheaded by the Community Management Team officials supported by the local chiefs. The goats were purchased from surrounding villages, in a bid to stimulate the local economy and ensure the ownership of the project by the local communities.
In order to ensure sustainability of the project, 90 percent of the beneficiaries said they would breed the animals to increase their numbers before putting them up for sale. Ward administrators in Nanighi, Abakaile and Dertu hailed IOM for the initiative and pledged to continue supporting the beneficiaries.
Meanwhile, in light of the ongoing drought, IOM is engaged in talks with the department of livestock on the prospects of distributing livestock feeds to farmers in the County.
The communities have particularly been affected by the drought and they face imminent threat of losing their livelihoods as their weakened herds struggle to survive disease, hunger and thirst in an increasingly desperate search for pasture and water. IOM has been undertaking a Community Revitalization Project (CRP) in Garissa County, which is funded by the Government of Japan.
The programme is currently being implemented in the Sub- Counties of Dadaab, Fafi and Garissa Township. The CRP has three components namely Livelihood Support, Integrated BorderManagement and Community Policing. Under the livelihoods component two projects are being implemented targeting individual beneficiaries and Community Assistance Projects (CAPs).
Since its inception in March 2017, in its support to individual beneficiaries the program has been able to register and profile 75 vulnerable youth, train them on both basic and advanced business management skills and develop business packages for them.