IOM provides clean water to more than 31,000 IDP’s in Somalia

News Fri, 04/22/2016 - 11:18 Share

In only nine months, IOM has successfully provided safe and clean drinking water to more than 31,000 vulnerable internally displaced persons (IDP) in eleven different camps across three districts in Mogadishu, Somalia. © Kyodo News Agency 2012 Photo: Takeshi Kuno

IOM, in partnership with its local implementing partners, designed and constructed a total of nine water supply systems consisting of three water tanks in each of the nine sites.


Based on the IOM’s quality standards with technical guidance from Japan Nippon Poly-Glu Co., Ltd., among the three tanks, IOM set the first tank to be used to treat the water with Poly-Glu to flocculate the sediments of the water from particle suspension while the second tank for chlorination and the third for the clean and the safe for distribution to the beneficiaries.


Each water system is connected with a water meter to measure the exact amount of the water provided to the IDPs. Routine weekly water testing is conducted to ensure the water is free from contamination. IOM’s water supply systems ensure that beneficiaries have sustainable, cost effective access to clean and safe water, as there is no reliance on commonly used cost-ineffective water trucking.


Water is provided directly from water distribution points piped to the water systems that are set up in areas that are convenient and easily accessible for the beneficiary communities.