Post-Distribution Monitoring on UN-CERF Partners’ NFIs Distribution in Tana River County

News Mon, 09/24/2018 - 13:15 Share

IOM together with its partners, UNICEF, Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS), World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse, conducted a Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) in Tana River County, where life-saving assistance was provided by the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (UN-CERF) for the heavy floods from April-May 2018 in Kenya. IOM together with its partners distributed Non Food Items (NFIs) to more than 15,000 households of internally displaced persons (IDP) in Tana River, Kilifi, Mandera, Baringo, and Isiolo Counties.
The PDM took place from 18 to 22 September 2018, covering Tana Delta, Tana North, and Tana River Sub-Counties. The PDM sought to measure the effectiveness of the assistance, document best practices and lesson learnt for the sector level contingency planning and UN-CERF project reporting. The joint monitoring team collected data from 56 Key Informant Interviews at government and community level,  through 23 focus group discussions (12 female groups and 11 male groups), and observation at randomly selected sites involving 11 villages with IDPs. IOM and its implementing partners provided 8,190 IDP households in Tana River with emergency temporary shelter and NFI kits. The NFI kit contents included tarpaulins, blankets, kitchen set, mosquito nets, bar soaps, water jerry cans and buckets.IOM also assisted 1,700 IDP households in Kilifi and 349 IDP households in Isiolo Counties as part of the UN-CERF flood response.  
The PDM initial findings indicated that the project substantially benefitted from the government support through the Tana River County Commissioner’s Office and County Steering Group by providing seamless coordination. The well coordinated response was from the beneficiaries and sites identification phase through the NFIs distribution phase. Feedback from the field has shown extensive  pre-distribution community consultations which led to integrating affected populations’ concerns and inputs from community stakeholders overall project implementation. In Tana River, 82 pre-distribution community consultations were conducted. The PDM also involved getting feedback from the most vulnerable populations among IDPs regarding their satisfaction as beneficiaries, appropriateness of NFIs distributed, coordination and timeliness of the response.
The PDM results will inform UN-CERF response and future durable solutions planning. Last July 2018, IOM together with other UN-CERF partner agencies, organized a joint monitoring visit to flood affected populations of Tana River and Kilifi County. The joint monitoring mission coordinated by UNOCHA, involved UNICEF, WHO, WFP, UNFPA and Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) as well as local area administration (chiefs, village elders and religious leaders) and local stakeholders.