World TB Day 2016: A Patient and a Doctor Share their Experiences

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In pursuit of Happiness

“I long for the day my country will be stable, i wish for peace, stability, I wish for the day children and their parents and grandparents can come out to the streets and sing and dance without fear of the militia or army beating and killing us.” – Says John albeit in a pensive tone of voice.

“I am extremely happy to be getting this opportunity to start a fresh in the United States of America, after all that I have gone through I never thought I would see this day, I will maximize on the opportunity to one day bring Peace back in my country. He continues.


John arrived in Kenya in August of 2010 by road through the Malaba, the Kenya -Uganda border, prior to this he lived in Mbarara located in the Western Region of Uganda. When he arrived in Nairobi, he was received by a Kenyan man who was aware of his arrival and immediately took him to the suburb of Kasarani.

“Here I met very many of my countrymen who had lived here as refugees and I was happy, although I did not speak or understand Kiswahili, most of the people there understood English.

  •  I felt at home and I felt safe.”