NBO2020-Supply and Delivery of Fuel

Job Description

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Please submit your best quotation for the items listed below:

  1. Supply and delivery of Diesel Fuel to Dadaab 20,000 liters per quarter
  2. Supply and delivery of Diesel Fuel to Kakuma 25,000 liters per quarter

 The quantities may vary according to the needs from the field.


  1. Unit Prices inclusive offloading at respective site
  2. IOM is VAT Exempted. Please do not include VAT 14%
  3. Payment terms after delivery
  4. Prices will be as per the (ERC) energy regulator control board
  5. Indicated delivery period upon issue of local purchase order
  6. Successful bidder will enter in two (2) years service agreement. See sample attached.

All prices to be quoted must be valid at least for thirty (30) calendar days from the date of quotation.

Kindly drop off your duly signed SEALED OFFER in company letterhead to IOM Nairobi Office Sri Aurobindo Avenue, Off Mzima Springs in Lavington, adjacent to Strathmore School.  ON or before 07.08.2020, 14:00hrs 

Attach the following:

  • Certificate of Registration/ Incorporation
  • Copy of Pin Certificate from KRA
  • KRA current Tax compliance
  • Current Single Business Permit
  • Registration Certificate from relevant bodies/ authorities
  • List of trucks with capacity in liters  
  • Proof of Owning fuel station or /and has own fleet
  • Proof of being a major dealer and not a sub dealer