Program for Human Security and Stabilization: Phase 1 and 2

In the past year, the IOM Kenya Mission has been successful in introducing and implementing the Programme for Human Security and Stabilization (PHSS). The aim of this programme is to support the empowerment of the Kenyan government, communities and individuals to take positive steps toward economic stability by leveraging IOM’s deep-seated expertise in the implementation of projects related to multi-sectoral income generation.

After successfully completing the pilot phase in the beginning of 2016, throughout last year the Kenya Mission implemented three PHSS projects from three separate donors – the Japanese, the Germans and the Americans – operating in the coastal counties of Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa.

On an individual level, the PHSS provides selected vulnerable individuals with reinsertion kits, business development/vocational training and in-kind grants that together result in an income generation project in the form of setting up a business. Examples of businesses that have been set-up by beneficiaries are a bookshop, poultry farming, boda boda (motor taxi), event management and tailoring. In the pilot phase 48 beneficiaries were assisted, with the three PHSS Phase II projects more than 335 individuals received assistance.

The beneficiaries also receive referral services, linking beneficiaries to relevant bodies and institutions already present in the areas of implementation such as health and psychosocial counselling, to ensure continuity of the income generation projects.


To ensure economic stability on a community level, PHSS works on improving absorptive capacities of local businesses, as a means of creating employment and promoting economic and social stabilization and cohesion. Therefore local small business owners are trained and assisted to improve their absorptive capacities. So far,


In addition, community revitalisation projects (CRPs) are implemented in communities where beneficiaries reside using a participatory approach to ensure local ownership. Generally these projects are infrastructural of nature. Examples of CRPs implemented in 2016 are the fencing and equipping of a Youth Polytechnic and furnishing in Kwale, expansion and equipping of a Vocational Training Centre in Kilifi.

On government level PHSS is strongly committed to build capacity of government officials and ownership in the fight against poverty and un- and under employment in the counties. IOM works closely with the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government (MoICNG) and the National & County Security Committees (NCSCs) to support democratic governance and decision-making at the local community level, whilst also supporting Government structures in the delivery of humanitarian and community services.


The Japanese and American funded projects are still continuing in 2017. IOM is looking at expansion of the PHSS into other counties such as Tana River and Lamu County.


  • Livelihood Support
  • Psychosocial Support
  • Vocational Training

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