Send Money, Invest in Kenya


Send Money and Invest in Kenya: A Guide for Diaspora Remittances and Investments is a booklet targeting Kenyans abroad. It provides information on how the Kenyan diaspora can send money through safe, affordable, and convenient channels. It also gives guidance on how local savings, payments, donations, and investments can be made while abroad.

The booklet was developed in response to research which shows that Kenyans living abroad want more information of this nature. It is divided into four parts and provides a basic overview of the remittance and diaspora services’ market. It points readers to tools and resources with specialized information, and highlights new technology and products which can help readers save time and money. Please download the booklet HERE

Part I highlights:

  • Access a full directory of Kenyan Missions abroad (Embassies & Consulates).
  • Learn about Kenya’s diaspora (size, locations, and contribution to development).
  • Become familiar with the Government’s Diaspora Policy.

Part II highlights:

  • Find over 40 remittance service providers (RSPs) serving the Kenyan market, including their corridor coverage and contact information.
  • Identify tools to save money when sending remittances such as price comparison databasesMonitoFXcomparedMoneytisRemittance Prices Worldwide, and Send Money Africa.  
  • Read up on tips and factors to think about before choosing a remittance channel.
  • See how technology is cutting money transfer costs and increasing convenience for you and remittance recipients. 

Part III highlights:

  • Over 40 local commercial banks are listed with their diaspora services and contact information.
  • Learn how you can open local bank accounts and manage payments while abroad.
  • Identify tools which can help you to compare local bank and insurance services as well as calculate the cost of credit.
  • Understand how you can trace unclaimed financial assets (dormant bank accounts, unclaimed dividends etc.).
  • See how diaspora e-commerce businesses can help you gift loved ones in Kenya.

Part IV highlights:

  • Learn how you can start investing in the Nairobi Securities Exchange and in Government securities while abroad.
  • Find contact information of authorized securities’ dealers.
  • Use online tools to identify real estate opportunities in Kenya.
  • Find step by step guidance on how to register various business vehicles in Kenya.
  • Use online tools to identify and fundraise for social causes in Kenya.

The booklet was developed with the support of the ACP-EU Migration Action, an initiative launched by the ACP Secretariat, funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). 

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