The moment I received the cash transfer, I rushed to the neighbor vendor and offset my debts with half of the money.

In the rugged expanse of Marsabit County, where arid lands tell tales of resilience and hardship, the story of Guyo Waqo Ture unfolds like a chapter of hope. Nestled in the village of Kukub, in the heart of Obbu Ward, Marsabit County, Guyo, a 41-year-old husband and father of four children, faced the harsh reality of drought that swept away not just livestock but the very fabric of his family's livelihoods.

As the scorching sun beat down, leaving the land parched and the future uncertain, the Ture family found themselves in the throes of adversity. Rather than offering respite, the recent El Niño rains brought further chaos, destroying their temporary shelter. Amid this desolation, a lifeline arrived in the form of a cash transfer from Strategies for Northern Development (SND).

Receiving the first of a total of three transfers of Kenyan Shilling 9,064 (approximately USD 68), Guyo seized the opportunity to address immediate needs strategically. With a glint of determination in his eyes, he recalls: "The moment I received the cash transfer, I rushed to the neighbor vendor and offset my debts with half of the money." This calculated move lifted a financial burden and forged a bond of trust with local vendors. Empowered by this cash infusion, the Ture family's purchasing power improved, allowing them to acquire essential items – from food to shoes for the children and cheap materials to rebuild their home.

Guyo's recounting of life before and after the assistance paints a vivid picture of the resilience required to navigate the shifting sands of fortune. Once prosperous pastoralists with a herd of 47 cattle, the Ture family found themselves uprooted by the ruthless drought, settling as migrants in Kukub village. Guyo reflects on the stark contrast, "Before the drought, pastoralists were regarded as the wealthiest, but today we are at the bottom of the pyramid."

Undeterred by the challenges that life has thrown at him, Guyo envisions a future beyond the assistance provided. Recognizing the temporary nature of the support, he plans to venture into a small shop business once the programme concludes. Living along the tarmac road, he aims to start buying and selling some goods in his small house as there is no shop nearby. With determination, he declares, "I must provide for my family."  

Guyo Waqo Ture's story showcases how cash assistance gave hope to 17,580 people hit by drought and ongoing floods. It empowers them to rebuild and pursue their dreams after weathering crisis. In a heartfelt message, Guyo expresses his gratitude, "Words will never be enough to say thank you to those behind the cash assistance. Let them know that they have not only provided cash assistance but saved the lives of many vulnerable communities."

This initiative is funded by the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) and implemented by IOM in partnership with Strategies for Northern Development (SND) and the ASAL Humanitarian Network (AHN).

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